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Kayak Rentals and Deliveries

Planning your own adventure? Our kayak rentals come with everything you need to explore. We offer rental durations from 4 hours all the way to to weekly! Kayakers cannot paddle alone. If you plan to do a channel crossing please fill out a float plan using the template below.

Each Rental Includes:
- Kayak (1 or 2 Seat)
- Life Jackets
- Paddles
- Dry Bag
- Bilge Pump


Advanced kayakers may rent kayaks in order to explore the more remote corners of Orcas Island and some of the neighboring areas and islands.  Any kayaker who rents a kayak with the intention of executing a channel crossing, a multi-day trip, and/or any trip judged by Orcas Wild to need additional documentation must submit a FLOAT PLAN to


Float plans must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to departure in order to give our team time to review and respond. Float plans will only be reviewed after a kayak rental reservation is made. The Orcas Wild team cannot give advice or suggest routes prior to receiving a completed float plan that demonstrates an understanding of wind, weather, tide, and variable conditions.

In order for your float plan to be approved it is critical to know how to read nautical charts and tide current charts as well as have accurate and up to date weather reports. Tide rips and sudden gusty winds can come up quickly and surprise you, even in the short crossing between Orcas Island and Sucia Island. It is very important to know how to judge these conditions and be experienced and ready for an open water crossing.

Locations that REQUIRE a Float Plan include (but are not limited to):

Sucia, Patos, Matia, Clark, Barnes, and Stuart Islands

Locations that DO NOT require a Float Plan include:

Yellow Island & Jones Island

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