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Skeletal anatomies of various marine mammals, extinct and extant matriline (family tree) of our Southern Resident Orca community identification methods for individual whales of various species.

Maps of whale sightings in our area as well as seasonal migration routes and ranges
The life cycle of Chinook Salmon and it’s relevance to our Southern Resident Orcas.

We collaborate with other non-profits to bring you information on the local conservation efforts of Orcas Island and the surrounding area. In our center you will find information on the Salmon Hatchery, “Long Live the Kings,” The Center for Whale Research and specific Orca research performed by Ken Balcomb and his team, Indian Island Marine Health Observatory, KWIAHT, and more!

The video room features exclusive documentaries and a gift shop with everything from cuddly orca stuffies for the kids to exclusive local artisan crafts.